Red Cross & Firehouses

The management and staff of ECO Disaster Services support the Red Cross and the community in many ways. Red Cross has a place in our facility, access to materials, and a bay and warehouse area dedicated to them. In addition, we are at the point position, referring customers to Red Cross for shelter, referral and aid of all types.

Our commitment to our community is in our DNA. We provide education courses at firehouses, work on the Red Cross Associate Board, and appear at joint events to help the community overall.

"Fort Lauderdale, USA - May 6, 2011: American Red Cross hurricane relief truck meeting the public before the start of the 2011 hurricane season. Various organization attend public events to create awareness of the forthcoming hurricane season"
Diverse group of elementary age little girls and little boys are sitting in circle with mid adult African American male counselor or therapist. Mental health professional is leading children's group therapy session. Children are smiling and talking expressively.

Youth Education

We are committed to educating you and your children on how to deal with disasters.  We provide direct contact at community events and schools on avoidance of problems, preparedness, and disaster recovery.

Your environment is our concern, which is why we educate everyone we can about our environmentally friendly green products, which cost the same and are safer than the old-school products that can leave toxic residue in our environment.


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