We take part in many different types of community fundraising and educational events. 

Water damage contractor response

Red Cross

Our alliance with Red Cross – virtually every ECO Disaster Services employee volunteers for them – gives us a chance to be involved with fundraisers, education of volunteers and other happenings to benefit those who need help.


Preschool teacher teaching her children about geography. Using globe and asking the questions. Children  answering the questions. Children sitting by the table and listen teacher carefully. Models in this shot are part of real kindergarten group and their teacher.

School and Community Education

ECO Disaster Services puts on many demonstrations at schools and community centers to educate children and adults about the dangers involved in disasters.  Our “Smokehouse/ emergency demonstration vehicle shows how quickly fire can cause issues and the dangers of smoke – plus water from either a natural/man-made disaster or from firefighting.


Happy family collecting rubbish on a sunny day

Work with Community Safety Services

Events that help prepare many different types of safety service personnel for responding to disasters.  These occur not only at our n-house training facility but out in the community.


Our Calendar

Take a look at our calendar for a complete listing of events in which we participate or have sponsorship with.

Water damage contractor response
Water Damage Restoration Software
Water Damage Cleanup Authorization
Water Damage Antimicrobial