Odor Removal & Cleanup

Soot and Water Damage

Because most fires need to be extinguished with water, the result is both fire and water damage to your home.

Odor Removal and Restoration Services
Fire damage includes cleaning soot and other repairs, while water damage requires water extraction and quick treatment to prevent mold. Once any water has been extracted, we can proceed with cleaning up using only environmentally friendly products.

Odor removal services aren't just reserved for disasters! To get rid of any unwanted odors in your home, give us a call.

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extracting water prior to odor removal

Why Use Green Products?


Say goodbye to toxic chemicals, dangerous residue, or fumes in your home.


Green products work better than typical cleaners and protective gear isn't needed.


Our Green Process doesn't cost more than traditional methods.

Accelerated Work

Unwanted odors (smoke, musty mildew, cigarettes, cooking, even skunks, etc.) can be removed using special formulations.  Since our IICRC Master Certified crew are using effective, green products at an accelerated rate, the odors in your home or vehicle can be avoided.

fire damage debris cause for odor removal

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