Insurance Claims

ECO Disaster Services, LLC knows Insurance

We can help you with all contact and negotiations with your insurance company. In addition, our founder worked in the insurance industry for many years, giving her valuable insurance experience.

We use the same software as the insurance industry and your claim will be based on the same standards and numbers as your carrier will use to pay the claim. This means that your claim will be paid quicker and with less problems.

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Insurance Claim form
Discussion on insurance claims paperwork

How The Process Works

Let us, the experts, handle the insurance process and get you a better home than you had before the disaster.

The insurance claims process can be extremely stressful. ECO Disaster Services takes the stress out of the process and works with the insurance carrier so you don't have to.

Once the actual claim amount has been negotiated, we have a set amount of funds to work with.  When our staff does the walk-through with your family, we can review each area and decide what you would really like to have as a finished product. 

After The Settlement

Claim settlements are based on certain standard amounts for each area repaired. However, if you and your family decide that you want more in one area and less in another, we will show you how to reallocate the funds. 


Because of our relationship with Home Depot, Sherwin-Williams, Shaw Flooring, and other quality resources, you can make decisions that are based on your wishes instead of standard numbers.  If there is money left over for upgrades you've always wanted for your home, now you can get them.

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