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The decisions made to recover your property from water damage could have a long and lasting impact on your home, business, family, and possibly your insurance claim. Make sure that you are choosing a contractor with experience in assisting you with all phases of the water damage clean up not just the emergency service. Water extraction is just the beginning.

How ECO Disaster Services Help You?Emergency Water Damage Services Brochure

With more than 40 years experience in restoring water damaged homes and businesses throughout the country, we understand the importance of getting your life back together as quickly as possible and your home or business restored to it’s original or better condition.

Our emergency water damage services are among the highest ranked and reviewed throughout Columbus, Ohio and are proud to both be an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau and an Angie’s List Super Service Award winner for the last three years in a row!

We’ve become the pace setter in emergency water damage services. From utilizing our Dash client management system for real-time communication to making the decision that every product used in your home or business during the restoration be environmentally friendly.



Setting the Standard for Emergency Water Damage Services

When water damage occurs, studies have shown a delay in response time can greatly increase the cost of a claim. A clean water loss, left untreated can become contaminated over time; changing the approach from a clean water loss to the possibility of sewage or black water contamination. This change can add thousands of dollars in loss to home and business inventory,  personal property, as well as additional living expenses. while the property is being restored. The certified technicians of ECO Disaster Services know, that every minute counts and the service matters.

According to experience and the IICRC, one of the most vital elements of emergency water damage services is the initial extraction. Every drop of water left behind must be removed by other means, to some contractors, this means more and more drying equipment to remove the excess moisture remaining in the building materials. Using the right tools for the project is critical to successful mitigation project. From truck mounted extraction units to pumps capable of removing 750 gallons per minute. ECO Disaster Services is the contractor of choice throughout Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas.

Education and Experience have shown that we can reduce the total cost of a water damage claim by more than 80%. Accomplishing that by carefully monitoring and evaluating every step of the project. We have years of experience dealing with water damage restoration and related repairs. These techniques will save materials such as wall coverings, carpeting, furniture, documents, and electronics as well as work to prevent mold damage, mildew, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens from developing.

  • Emergency response available 24/7 – Speak to live dispatch – Never a call center
  • Complete damage inspection – Invasive / Non-Invasive Moisture / Relative Humidity / Thermal Imaging
  • Contents protection or storage – Onsite and offsite available.
  • Water extraction – Potentially saving thousands in flooring costs alone.
  • Assess building materials – Determine salvage vs Non-salvageable materials.
  • Removal of non-salvageable materials – Focus on restoring your property.
  • Clean and Sanitize the affected area (depending on source of water) – Only environmentally friendly products
  • Setup containment – Barriers are erected to reduce the drying time.
  • Determine the proper and most effective drying equipment to use. – Low amp – Environmentally Friendly
  • Monitor drying equipment daily to track moisture content and relative humidity of the area.
  • Remove drying equipment after verifying that the affected areas have reached a normal moisture content.

 Water damage and flooded basements can leave behind costly repairs.

Cleanup and restoration requires immediate professional action as standing water creates secondary damages quickly, with expenses to your property and possibly even health issues.

Water damage restoration is not a project home and business owners should try to tackle alone. The necessary repairs and documentation need to be properly managed by certified technicians. Hiring professionally skilled and knowledge professionals to clean up water damage properly can be the difference between a couple hundred dollars in damages to clean and dry the area; upwards of thousands of dollars, if not dried and cleaned correctly and promptly.

What kind of certification should home and business owners trust?

Hiring a Master Certified IICRC Company ensures your home or business will be dried correctly, without the fear of hidden moisture that is trapped behind walls, under floors and above in your ceilings, and duct work.  Certified technicians have the professional tools necessary to give you the confidence your home or business is safe from the secondary damages of mold growth or water damage.

Do your homework, be sure when choosing a “Master Certified” IICRC certified company that they are in fact; “Master Certified”. You’re paying for a guaranteed performance with the highest level of quality and knowledge in the industry, make sure that’s what you’re receiving.

Today’s home and business owners can be paralyzed by water damage and are keenly aware of the potential secondary toxic mold and health issues created by do- it-yourself and amateur water damage restoration companies using environmentally unsound clean-up methods.

The majority of water damage restoration companies and do-it-yourself use toxic, unsafe, and ineffective measures to clean flooded basements and overall residuals of water damage. Over the counter chemicals such as ammonia and bleach are commonly the chemical of choice. These chemicals are not only dangerous to people living in the environment but ineffective.  Consider the risks to people and the environment, leave it to a certified professional.

Environmentally safe water damage clean-up alternatives are in demand more than ever.  When choosing a Master Certified IICRC water damage restoration company choose one that is also environmentally friendly.  Using healthy and environmentally sustainable approaches such as low-amp drying equipment, environmentally friending cleaning products and state of the art instruments designed to detect moisture hidden throughout a flooded space. Eco-friendly restoration is a viable and wise option.


“ECO Disaster services has always provided my clients with fast, professional, compassionate service in their times of need. I have referred several of my clients and friends to ECO and will continue to do so. They provide an unmatched level of care in emergency situations. I called them in the middle of the night when one of my clients home caught on fire from a lightning strike. ECO was there within an hour from the time of my call. Excellent quality and service!!!”

~ Del Looney


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